IBEM Auriculomedicine Reflex Chart, small

Auriculomedicine Reflex chart, 11" x 17", two-sided.
  • Item #: AUR-C01
  • Manufacturer: IBEM
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Price $18.00

IBEM Auriculomedicine Reflex Chart  is two-sided.  Front side shows 3 phases, 3 stages, 12 yin - yang points, accurate reflex points and zones, electro-stimulate levels, and 6 ear diagrams.  Back side shows the Nogier Ear, Emotional Ear, and Eastern & Western Ear.  All are brilliantly colored design of a somatotopic map.  Size:  11" x 17" on white 80# poster paper.  Great for display and use. Two charts for price of one.

These charts are copyrighted by Dr Edward Sullivan.

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